I have five glorious days off in a row this week.  So I am trying to make the most of my staycation.  Today I went to the Renwick Gallery which is part of the Smithsonian Institute.  It has recently reopened after a two year renovation.  The new exhibit is WONDER, an immersive artwork experience.


Each gallery has one installation and photography is encouraged.  Check out the Instagram #renwickgallery.  The museum building is a National Historic Building and is just steps away from the White House.  There was a lot of children and the installations are very interesting but there are no strollers allowed inside and you can’t touch any of the artwork.  So it would probably be better for slightly older children.  I think Eilam would like to see some of the installations but he would want to grab them.



The Renwick Gallery

Where: Pennsylvania Avenue at 17th St NW

How to Get There:  Farragut West Metro is the closest (orange/blue/silver).  Exit via 17th and I St.

Hours:  10am-5:30pm

Cost:  FREE



Luray Caverns

Happy New Years everyone!  To enjoy the long Holiday weekend and still sunny weather we ventured to the Shenandoah Valley area to go caving.  Well, to buy a ticket and walk along a path in a cavern to see the stalagmites and stalactites.  We traveled about 1 hour and 45 minutes to get to the Luray Caverns.

We arrived in the morning around 10am.  We bought our tickets and got in line.  They do the typical family/group picture in front of a green screen before you enter the stairwell to the caverns.  Our timing was perfect because we did not have to wait in any line but just immediately went downstairs for the guided tour.  The 1 hour guided tour is the only option and they leave about every 20 minutes.

The tour takes you on a mile and a quarter trip through the caverns.  It was very interesting and there were some very neat areas.

Our favorite was the Dream Lake which was the largest body of water in the cavern but is only 18-20 inches at its deepest.  The optical illusion was just incredible.  The mirror image of the entire room feels like you are looking at a giant circle.  My white balance was a little off and I didn’t have a tripod so most of the pictures did not turn out very well.

IMG_7516 (2)
Dream Lake

Your tickets also get you entry into the Car and Carriage Caravan and the Luray Valley Museum.  We did not go into the Caravan but the museum seemed nice.  It was a quick walk through with an almost 3 year old.  There were old buildings outside that you could walk through which were nice.  Overall, we were very glad we made the day trip to check out this area.  It was a fun experience and great to see a part of the world we have never been to.


Luray Caverns

Where:  101 Cave Hill Road, Luray Virginia

How to Get There:  Take 66 to Front Royal and take Highway 340 South.  Then take Highway 211 west.  Approximately 96 miles from DC

Cost:  $26/adult; $14/children 6 to 12, 5 and under FREE



Mount Vernon

This is my first photo challenge (even though  the photo was taken by my husband).  The topic this week is transition.  I love this picture of my son, myself and parents walking over this rusty bridge.  I believe it is a great representation of transitions.  The colors of the leaves transitioning from summer green to fall yellows and reds.  The metal bridge becoming rusty with exposure to the elements.  The three generations walking together.  My parents as grandparents, me as a mom, my son transitioning from toddler to little boy.