During the planning of our Disney vacation, I was unsure of how well Eilam would do going all day at the parks.  We had a full five days to visit the parks and the afternoon of our arrival.  Our plan was to visit one park each day and visit the Magic Kingdom twice.  Our arrival evening we were going to visit Disney Springs.  We went in with the attitude we would be at the parks when they opened and then go back for an afternoon nap and then just play it by ear.   If Eilam was up to going back we would, if not we would spend the evening at the hotel and go swimming and relaxing.  We were pleasantly surprised at how well Eilam did.  We would go back for an afternoon nap but whenever he got up he was ready to go back to the parks and go on more rides.  We would usually get back to the hotel between 7 and 9pm.  So we only ended up going swimming only one evening.

We planned each park that we would visit based on the extra magic hours.  So our first day was at Epcot.  Epcot was lacking in the younger kids rides but Eilam did enjoy the Finding Nemo ride.  He was exactly 40 inches which meant he could ride most of the rides at all the parks.  While Brian and I did the rider swap or used Fastpasses for anything that he couldn’t go on.  He did really well on the Chevy Test Track and we went on it twice.  We were able to go on Mission Space in the morning when there wasn’t very many people around and did the rider swap, even though at that time it wasn’t necessary.  We both just walked right onto the ride.  After nap, then we ate and drank and walked around the World Showcase.

The character meet and greets were not a success.  For a kid that loves Mickey Mouse Clubhouse he was not excited to meet Goofy, Mickey or Minnie.  We tried each day until he was comfortable though.  Epcot is feeling outdated and we could have done a half day at this park but Brian and I wanted to go around the World Showcase.  Which we really enjoyed, Eilam had fun but definitely wasn’t his favorite part of the trip.  (Note we went to DisneyWorld before the Frozen ride opened.)

Someone is excited to be at Disney World
Our Test Track creation
World Showcase
Goofing around in Italy.

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