A Rainy Fourth of July

Here in the D.C. area we had quite a cool, cloudy Fourth of July.  Our apartment complex was having an evening catered bbq and then we could watch the fireworks from the roof.  They day before we bought tickets to the Nationals vs. Brewers baseball game.  It was an early game, starting at 11am.  We “splurged” on Stubhub and got lower level tickets right at the first base line.

It was really perfect weather to watch the game.  Around 70 degrees, cloudy, not humid.  The Nationals lost but it was a fun day.  There is a great play structure for kids there.  Kids are allowed in to play for 15 minutes and then next group goes in.  There were slides, tunnels, rope ladders, and bridges.  It was a great stop before the game.

It started raining around the 8th inning, so we headed back to the metro stop.  The stadium is right at the Navy Yard Metro stop on the Green line.  The trains get very packed around game time.  There are parking garages and random parking lots around that area as well.

Heading to the game with baby leopard.
Walking from the metro after the game.

The b-b-q was moved indoors that evening because of the rain.  Crystal City Sports Bar catered and it was delicious (pulled pork, ribs, chicken, coleslaw, cornbread).  If you are staying in the Crystal City area of Arlington, I would suggest the Crystal City Sports Bar located on 23rd Street for food.  The fireworks that night were a bust.  We couldn’t see anything from our roof because of the clouds.  We came back downstairs to watch them on TV and realized that PBS was not playing current footage.  Co-workers were down at the Capital and they couldn’t see the Washington Monument.  Overall, it was a fun day though it ended with a little disappointment, especially since Eilam was very excited to watch them.



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