Williamsburg Part 2

Saturday our plan was to visit Colonial Williamsburg.  We parked at the Visitor Center and bought our tickets via one of the machines.  The regular purchasing lines were quite long.  No line for the online/pre-purchased or the automated machines.  Eilam was free again which was nice.  We walked from the Visitor Center to the Colonial area stopping at the Great Hopes Plantation.


We arrived at the Revolutionary City at the perfect time for the Governor’s Palace tour.  Eilam did pretty good throughout.  We had a guided tour of the Palace that ended in the gardens where we wandered through the maze.  The Palace was an interesting place to visit.  The tour guide could have been better.  It could have just been an off day but she wasn’t remembering names and got lost in her words a lot.


After the tour we wandered around the city for a while and visited the various shops and city sites.  The Capitol was a guided tour but we didn’t last long.  A certain 3 year old was getting hungry and tired.  We did visit the jail which held Blackbeard at one point.  Can you see a theme for our weekend?  Around midday we left for lunch which we had at a sports bar next to our hotel which was really good and again really well priced.  After nap time, I wanted to go back to the Colonial area to finish checking out the various shops (which included the Apothecary).  Brian and Eilam obliged even though I think they were both done for the day.  I got to see the Apothecary with the GIANT mortar and pestle.


We spent the rest of the evening back at the hotel but had Chinese food across the street for dinner.  Eilam was tired, so it was a low key evening.  He loved his lo mein though and sucked those long noodles down.

The next morning we had a relaxing hour or so.  On our way out of town we went back to the park for him to run around at.  Then we stopped at the outlet mall for a short while before hitting the road.  We drove through Richmond on our way back and stopped at a brewery for lunch.  Richmond looked like a nice city to visit, right on the water and it looked like there was a lot to do for a weekend.  Overall, it was a really nice weekend.  We had a lot of fun family activities and there is so much to do in that area.  We absolutely loved the setting and we had perfect weather.

A super brave mountain climber
Showing off his pirate gear on our pirate themed weekend.




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