Weekend in Williamsburg Part 1

This past weekend we took a trip down to Williamsburg to see the Colonial settlements.  Williamsburg about 2 & 1/2 hours southeast of D.C.  On a Friday morning there was minimal traffic.  Our first stop was Jamestown Settlement.  There are two Jamestown sites, Historic Jamestowne which is the archaeological site at the original settlement and then the Jamestown Settlement which is a museum and has a recreated fort, Indian village and replicas of the three ships that sailed from England to the Americas in 1607.

Courtyard at Jamestown Settlement

We decided on just visiting the Jamestown Settlement because of the ships and replica villages.  It seemed more age appropriate for a 3 year old.  Eilam loved it here because of the ships.  As most kids his age, he is a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse fanatic.  One of his favorite episodes is Mickey’s Pirate Adventure which features a pirate ship named the Jolly Golly that looks remarkably like one of the replica ships.  We toured them all multiple times.  Eventually we drugged him away from that and walked through the museums.  They had a great kids activity to explore one of the sections.  Each kid got a card and when they completed an activity they would get a stamp.  He got to load up packages into a canoe and then climb in and row.  There was also a puzzle to learn various Powhatan words.  Overall, it was a really nice place to visit.  We were there almost 2 hours.  Tickets were $17/adult, $8/youth, under 6 free.

Playing games in a Powhatan village
The Jolly Golly
Showing off his super strong muscles


We left Jamestown and checked into our hotel.  We stayed at the Doubletree in Williamsburg.  It would be a really great location for going to Busch Gardens or the water park.  They were both right down the road.  It was a 10 minute drive to the Colonial area.  Other then just one elevator working, it was a nice place to stay.

The morning drive was rainy but by the time we got to Jamestown it was just overcast.  The temperature was quite nice though.  We took a nap after checking in and when we got up it was sunny and beautiful out.  We thought it could be fun to go miniature golfing and found Pirate Cove Adventure Golf.  Eilam had an absolute blast, well we all did.  It was so funny to watch him play.  Some holes he did quite well, others not so much.  Alas, I guess that is the way golf goes.  They gave out little pirate goody bags to the children.  Eilam got an eye patch, noise maker, pirate flag, ring, tattoo and spinning top.

Hopefully it curves!

After golfing, we found a Mexican restaurant and sat outside to eat.  La Terraza was a great find.  The food was flavorful and the beer was cheap.

After dinner, we went to Mid County Park which has a giant play structure.  It was a great place to let Eilam run around and play.  There were multiple slides, ramps, walls to climb and another Jolly Golly.  It was a great pirate adventure day for Eilam.


3 thoughts on “Weekend in Williamsburg Part 1

  1. Husband and I were at Williamsburg in early May. We also went to Jamestown, but we opted (we had no kids) to visit the original fort out at the end of the land. It was really interesting, but you made the right decision given the 3 year old. He would have been bored out there for sure.


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