Dupont Kalorama Museum Walk

Two weeks ago the Dupont Kalorama Museum Consortium held their 33rd annual Walk Weekend.  There is free admission to six museums in the Dupont Circle area of D.C.  The six museums are Anderson House, Wilson House, Dumbartan House, Heurich House, The Phillips Collection and The National Museum of American Jewish Military History.  Each museum had special family programming for the weekend.

We went on the Saturday and took the metro getting off at Dupont Circle (red line).  The first stop for us was the Anderson House.


It was a beautiful house and museum.  Brian and I felt like we were in a mini-Versailles in parts of it.  Eilam walked around and liked making loud slapping noises with his feet on the marble floors.  He had learned about tapestries watching the show Little Einsteins.  I was able to point out real tapestries and we talked about the pictures and scenes.  Overall, it was a really majestic place but I wouldn’t say it is very family friendly.


Our next stop was The Phillips Collection.  This museum had some great special kids activities for the weekend.  There was painting and making your own maraca but the real treat was the instrument petting zoo.  They had a trombone, french horn, flute, clarinet, trumpet and much more for the kids to play.  Eilam was so excited for this.  Once he went around the room a few times and relaxed, it was hard to get him away from there.  He actually was able to produce sound out of a few of the instruments.  His Little Einstein obsession made this a great, great stop.  After a long time we finally pulled him away for lunch.  There were many tears leaving the museum because he wanted to keep playing.  We didn’t get a chance to visit any of the other exhibits because the instruments had such appeal.  I plan on revisiting it in the future.

Pure amazement

After having an excellent brunch nearby at Scion we walked to our last museum Heurich House, or the Brewmaster’s Castle.  Very old and very ornate.  There were yard games in the backyard.  Again, not a kid friendly place to visit.  Once done there we headed back to the metro to head home.

Overall, this was a great event weekend and all three of us enjoyed ourselves.  I highly recommend anyone in the area attending future walks.


4 thoughts on “Dupont Kalorama Museum Walk

  1. What a beautiful account of your day out! Little Eilam looks like a very bright and interested little boy. He will probably have learned a great deal and the memory will stay with him.
    The inside of that museum is just gorgeous. Thanks for posting the photo ~ it is pure bliss!


  2. Stunning photos. The shot with the museum ceiling just took my breath away; makes me want to see more of your work as a photographer!

    I’ll be following you form now on; have an amazing day! 🙂


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