About a month ago we decided to take a day trip out of the city.  We drove 45 to 60 minutes south to Fredricksburg, Virginia.  Our first stop was the Visitor’s Center.   We got a map and talked to the workers there about things to do.  They were very nice and pointed out the various kid friendly activities that the town offers.

After spending that length of time in the car, Eilam wanted to run around.  So we headed to the Fredricksburg Battlefield.  The Battlefield has a visitors center and museum where we had a brief history lesson about the battle.  There is a walking trail that takes you past various markers to learn more about the deadly battle.  When you get to the top of the hill and look out you can see the huge land advantage the Confederates had.


After our Battlefield adventure we drove back to town and had lunch at one of the Grapes and Grain Trail stops; Spencer Devon Brewing.  We had delicious burgers and beers.  It really wasn’t the most kid friendly environments though.  Eilam did pretty good though and his children’s beef medallion was superb.

The next stop on the Grapes and Grains Trail was A.Smith Bowman Distillery.  They offer a free tour with tasting afterwards.  The tour was very well done.  We have gone on a few Distillery and Brewery tours and this one was one of the better ones.

Last stop was Adventure Brewing.  This beer was very good and a low key place.  There were a ton of board games in the corner so Eilam was entertained by the tinker toys.  After this we headed back to the city.  It was great to escape the busy city for a more rural Virginia experience.




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