Eilam’s Epigrams

I haven’t posted anything for a while on here.  Life has been busy.  My parents came for a wonderful visit for a week in April.  Then I was working A LOT before a family vacation to Walt Disney World!  We had a great trip and I will get around to posting how it went with a 3 year old later.

Right now I wanted to share some of Eilam’s musings from our trip.  I really do not know where he gets some of these things.  This post is mainly for me to document what our three year old is talking about.

“I’ve had a long day.” 

 -This was a common one on travel days (which were long) and if he was not getting his way.

“You tricked me!”

-No idea where this came from but he doesn’t even say it when we actually trick him.

“Can I pick something out?”

-This was a favorite of his towards the end of the day.  He would be carried on daddy’s shoulders and would be tired.  Eilam would sheepishly ask if he could pick something out.

“Uggg, I don’t know what is going on.”

-Again, do not know where he got this.  Usually this saying comes out after he has dropped something or we are switching from one activity to another.  I think this one is my favorite.  The way he says it cracks me up.

Making silly faces with Panda while in Germany (Epcot World Showcase)


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