I have five glorious days off in a row this week.  So I am trying to make the most of my staycation.  Today I went to the Renwick Gallery which is part of the Smithsonian Institute.  It has recently reopened after a two year renovation.  The new exhibit is WONDER, an immersive artwork experience.


Each gallery has one installation and photography is encouraged.  Check out the Instagram #renwickgallery.  The museum building is a National Historic Building and is just steps away from the White House.  There was a lot of children and the installations are very interesting but there are no strollers allowed inside and you can’t touch any of the artwork.  So it would probably be better for slightly older children.  I think Eilam would like to see some of the installations but he would want to grab them.



The Renwick Gallery

Where: Pennsylvania Avenue at 17th St NW

How to Get There:  Farragut West Metro is the closest (orange/blue/silver).  Exit via 17th and I St.

Hours:  10am-5:30pm

Cost:  FREE



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