Over Christmas we had my husband’s parents visiting from Oregon.  They have only been out here once before and we did a jammed pack week of visiting Mount Vernon, Air and Space Museum and a Big Bus Tour around D.C.  This time around we decided to spend half a day in the Annapolis area.  We have never been there and my mother-in-law wanted to see the Atlantic Ocean, so we got her close with the Chesapeake Bay.  The day after Christmas we drove the 50 minutes to Sandy Point Sate Park.

On a winter morning, the park was mostly deserted.  It had a nice huge beach and I imagine it gets very busy during the summers.  They had a drive through Christmas light display that looked nice if you were visiting at night.  Eilam had a great time playing in the sand and running from the waves.

After spending a while throwing rocks and shells into the water we loaded back into the car and headed back towards Annapolis.  We stopped at the Annapolis World War II Memorial.  The Memorial was nicely done and we were glad we stopped.  It honors everyone in Maryland that was involved in the war effort, those fighting abroad and working at home.


After this short stop we headed into Old Town Annapolis.  I had read a list that Annapolis was one of the top 20 U.S. cities for Christmas time for decorations and atmosphere.  Annapolis and it’s history, location and Naval Academy was somewhere that I definitely wanted to visit and boy it did not disappoint.  I would love to go back and spend all day on those cobble stone streets and wander into all the local shops.

Parking was free during the Holiday times which was very nice.  When we arrived in town there was numerous street spots but by the time we were leaving after lunch, the town and streets were packed.  The city has multiple parking garages to use as well.

Our first stop was to Starbucks for coffee and a treat.  It was in the basement of an old, old building.  Then we walked around town some.  The town was filled with local shops selling candy, clothes, jewelry, pottery, etc.

Annapolis is the capital of Maryland and in the center of Old town is the Maryland State House and Governor’s Mansion.

We then walked down to the Naval Academy.  There is no parking on the campus and you have to show ID and go through a security check point to enter.  There was a very nice museum there.  My father-in-law could have spent all day there.  With a two year old it was a quick trip through.  The Chapel had beautiful stained glass windows.  By this time it was noon and we needed some food.  There is a restaurant on the campus but it was closed during the the Holiday break.  So we headed back to the the downtown area for lunch.  We found a decent place and then headed home.




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