U.S. Botanic Garden



The weekend before Christmas we decided to check out the Model Train exhibit at the U.S. Botanic Garden.  The U.S. Botanic Garden is located between the American Indian Museum and the Capitol on the National Mall.  I really enjoy visiting the Garden.  There is numerous habitats that you can walk though with hundreds of plants.  There are areas that have butterflies flying around.  It is usually a nice place to walk around usually without the crowds that can accompany many of the other areas on the Mall.

Every year around Christmas and the Holidays they have a model train exhibit.  Eilam loves trains so this was a definite Holiday time visit.  We went on a Sunday afternoon and there were quite a few people.  The entrance to the exhibit is on the side closer to the Capitol.  There was a line that moved fairly quickly.  We could tell that while we thought it was busy the line can be much longer.  There were ropes outside of the building for the line.

The exhibit was small but the trains and setting was beautiful.  The carvings were gorgeous.  I am glad we went and I think I will take Eilam next year.  My husband was not impressed though (I think it was the amount of people in a small space).


It does not take long to go through, just ten minutes or so.  Afterwards Eilam spied the Christmas tree in front of the Captiol.  So we walked over to the big, big tree.  It was a beautiful day and was great to get out and walk around.



U.S. Botanic Garden

Where:  100 Maryland Ave SW, Washington DC

How to Get There:  Nearest metro is Federal Center SW (Orange, Blue, Silver) or L’Enfant Plaza (Yellow, Green, Orange, Blue, Silver).  Walk towards the Capitol and look for the glass dome of the Conservatory.

Hours:  10am-5pm

Cost:  FREE

Other:  They have a children’s garden during the spring/summer/fall time that is great for little ones to run around.  There are spades and watering cans to play with.  Eilam loved watering the various plants and running around the area.


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