Zoo Lights


The Saturday after Christmas we decided to brave the city crowds and head to Zoo Lights.  Wow, was there A LOT of people there.  Parking was crazy but there were a few spots left at the bottom of the hill.  The Small Animal house, Reptile House, Great Apes and the Think Tank were all open.  At the Visitor Center there was a Gingerbread House competition and Lego Train exhibit.

Eilam enjoyed seeing the lights that lined the main pathway through the zoo.  However, there were so many people there that it really wasn’t that enjoyable for us.  He wanted to just run up and down the hill but he couldn’t because we needed to keep tract of him.  The carousel was running which is always fun.  They also had sledding down the hill next to the lion and tiger habitat.  Overall I was glad we went to check it out.  The lights were nice.  Where I am from on the Southern Oregon Coast a state park named Shore Acres does spectacular Christmas lights.  So I have high expectations for these kind of things.  We may go again next year but probably on a weekday and not quite so close to Christmas.


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