Fall Harvest Family Days at Mount Vernon

In October we went to a great event at Mount Vernon.  They had their Fall Harvest Family Days.  We had been out to Mount Vernon during the spring time and really enjoyed it.  The grounds are large and beautiful.  While there was a lot of people in April, it was still a nice and relaxing place to be.  When we visited with Brian’s parents we knew that we would be going again when my parents came to town so we each bought the basic individual membership for $30.  All you have to do is visit twice to get a cost savings.  Kids under 6 are free-perfect for us!


We were really lucky with the weather for the Festival.  The day started out rainy but quickly cleared up.  I think that this helped keep the crowds down because there was practically no one there.  It was fantastic to get away from the busy city and escape to outside with no one around.

There were special activities this day like wagon rides, straw bale maze, apple roasting and a laundry demonstration.  I know a laundry demonstration doesn’t sound that exciting but it was by far Eilam’s favorite activity.  He jumped right in to get the cloths wet and soapy and then to help rinse them and hang dry.

The apple roasting included an apple on a stick, roasted over an open fire.  Once cooked then you dipped the apples in warm maple syrup and honey.  They were really quite tasty.

Apple roasting with Grandpa and Daddy

In addition to the special activities that were going on there were the normal tours as well.  When visiting Mount Vernon you get a timed ticket to tour the Mansion.  If it is busy the time might be for a couple hours from when you are entering and they have someone manning the line and you are not allowed to get in line until your timed ticket.  There is a really informative museum and education center.  With little kids these parts becoming challenging but with older kids or if you have time, definitely walk through these.  There is also a site seeing cruise which I can’t speak to as we have never gone on it.  Overall, I highly suggest visiting Mount Vernon if you are visiting the DC area.

Mount Vernon  General Information

Where:  3200 Mount Vernon Memorial Highway, Mount Vernon, Virginia (about 15 miles south of DC)

How to Get There:  You can take the yellow metro line to the end at Huntington Station and then catch the Fairfax Connector Bus #110.  Driving head south on Mount Vernon Memorial Highway.

Hours:  8 am to 5 pm during the summer, 9 to 4 pm during winter

Cost:  $17/person adult, $9/child age 6 to 11, $16/senior



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